Commit fb088a00 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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remove unimplement rate-limit option [RT #46030]

parent 0e35e567
......@@ -10792,17 +10792,6 @@ CNAME rpz-tcp-only.
but are counted to compute the query per second rate.
The optional <command>domain</command> clause specifies
the namespace to which rate limits will apply. It
is possible to use different rate limits for different names
by specifying multiple <command>rate-limit</command> blocks
with different <command>domain</command> clauses.
The <command>rate-limit</command> statement's
<command>domain</command> most closely matches the query
name will be the one applied to a given query.
Rate limiters for different name spaces maintain
separate counters: If, for example, there is a
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