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      Rework libidn2 detection · a0571d38
      Michał Kępień authored
      Clean up the parts of configure.in responsible for handling libidn2
      detection and adjust other pieces of the build system to match these
        - use pkg-config when --with-libidn2 is used without an explicit path,
        - look for idn2_to_ascii_lz() rather than idn2_to_ascii_8z() as the
          former is used in BIND while the latter is not,
        - do not look for idn2_to_unicode_8zlz() as it is present in all
          libidn2 versions which have idn2_to_ascii_lz(),
        - check whether the <idn2.h> header is usable,
        - set LDFLAGS in the Makefile for dig so that, if specified, the
          requested libidn2 path is used when linking with libidn2,
        - override CPPFLAGS when looking for libidn2 components so that the
          configure script does not produce warnings when libidn2 is not
          installed system-wide,
        - merge the AS_CASE() call into the AS_IF() call below it to simplify
        - indicate the default value of --with-libidn2 in "./configure --help"
        - use $with_libidn2 rather than $use_libidn2 to better match the name
          of the configure script argument,
        - stop differentiating between IDN "in" and "out" support, i.e. make
          dig either support libidn2 or not; remove WITH_* Autoconf macros and
          use a new one, HAVE_LIBIDN2, to determine whether libidn2 support
          should be enabled.