Commit 5614454c authored by Matthijs Mekking's avatar Matthijs Mekking 🏡

Change condition for rndc dumpdb -expired

After backporting #1870 to 9.11-S I saw that the condition check there
is different than in the main branch. In 9.11-S "stale" can mean
stale and serve-stale, or not active (awaiting cleanup). In 9.16 and
later versions, "stale" is stale and serve-stale, and "ancient" means
not active (awaiting cleanup). An "ancient" RRset is one that is not
active (TTL expired) and is not eligble for serve-stale.

Update the condition for rndc dumpdb -expired to closer match what is
in 9.11-S.
parent 45e68016
......@@ -3144,7 +3144,7 @@ bind_rdataset(dns_rbtdb_t *rbtdb, dns_rbtnode_t *node, rdatasetheader_t *header,
rdataset->stale_ttl =
(rbtdb->serve_stale_ttl + header->rdh_ttl) - now;
rdataset->ttl = 0;
} else if (header->rdh_ttl < now) {
} else if (IS_CACHE(rbtdb) && !ACTIVE(header, now)) {
rdataset->attributes |= DNS_RDATASETATTR_ANCIENT;
rdataset->stale_ttl = header->rdh_ttl;
rdataset->ttl = 0;
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