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[master] Added ChangeLog entry 773 for Trac #3352

parent b1a0f405
773. [bug] tmark
b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now both correctly support DDNS updates
when honoring client requested delegation. When DDNS is enabled,
and the client's FQDN indicates they will do the forward updates,
the servers will now post a DDNS update request to b10-dhcp-ddns
for the reverse updates. Prior to this the servers were posting no
DDNS update requests when honoring client delegation.
(Trac #3352, git b1a0f405463723d539b2e6ed2dcdd692d7796b88)
772. [bug] tmark
Tickets #3339 and #3373 (see entries 760 and 768 respectively)
were reverted. They introduced a bug where components added through
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