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......@@ -133,7 +133,18 @@ class BindCmdInterpreter(Cmd):
return digest
def run(self):
'''Parse commands from user and send them to cmdctl. '''
'''Parse commands from user and send them to cmdctl.'''
# Show helper warning about a well known issue. We only do this
# when stdin is attached to a terminal, because otherwise it doesn't
# matter and is just noisy, and could even be harmful if the output
# is processed by a script that expects a specific format.
if my_readline == sys.stdin.readline and sys.stdin.isatty():
WARNING: Python readline module isn't available, so the command line editor
(including command history management) does not work. See BIND 10
guide for more details.\n\n""")
if not self.login_to_cmdctl():
return 1
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