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[master] Added entry 778 for Trac #3383.

Also revised entry 777 to properly thank David Carlier.
parent 652aa4de
777. [func] dclink, tomek
778. [func] tmark
If b10-dhcp-ddns is configured to listen on an address other than
loop back, it will issue a log message warning the user that this is
insecure and is supported for testing purposes only.
(Trac #3383, git 652aa4de2fa82fdf3de569d01d9f4aa618fc1972)
777. [func] tomek
b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now support using Postgresql as the backend
for storing lease data. This backend is enabled by specifying
--with-dhcp-pgsql on the "configure" command line. Without this
switch the Postgresql backend is not compiled leaving BIND 10 able to
be built on systems without Postgresql installed.
be built on systems without Postgresql installed. Thanks to David
Carlier who contributed the intial patches for this work.
(Trac #3080, git 1aae8b1fab3008e62c4f085948b1abadad512447)
776. [func] marcin
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