Commit 1867eb5f authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2964] (unrelated) cleanup: removed now-unused class attribute.

parent f24dff69
......@@ -1372,11 +1372,6 @@ class Xfrin:
def __init__(self):
self._max_transfers_in = 10
self._zones = {}
# This is a set of (zone/class) tuples (both as strings),
# representing the in-memory zones maintaned by Xfrin. It
# is used to trigger Auth/in-memory so that it reloads
# zones when they have been transfered in
self._memory_zones = set()
self.recorder = XfrinRecorder()
self._shutdown_event = threading.Event()
self._counters = Counters(SPECFILE_LOCATION)
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