Commit 35c53d9a authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[2962] Don't run b10-certgen in parallel (which results in corruption of PEM output files)

parent 940eae0c
......@@ -57,12 +57,19 @@ b10_certgen_CXXFLAGS = $(BOTAN_INCLUDES)
b10_certgen_LDFLAGS = $(BOTAN_LIBS)
# Generate the initial certificates immediately
cmdctl-certfile.pem: b10-certgen
./b10-certgen -q -w
cmdctl-keyfile.pem: b10-certgen
./b10-certgen -q -w
# Do nothing. This is a hack, as b10-certgen creates both
# cmdctl-keyfile.pem and cmdctl-certfile.pem, and in a parallel make,
# making these targets simultaneously may result in corrupted
# files. With GNU make, there is a non-portable way of working around
# this with pattern rules, but we adopt this hack instead. The downside
# is that cmdctl-certfile.pem will not be generated if
# cmdctl-keyfile.pem exists. See Trac ticket #2962.
cmdctl-certfile.pem: cmdctl-keyfile.pem
# Below we intentionally use ${INSTALL} -m 640 instead of $(INSTALL_DATA)
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