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[master] ChangeLog entry for trac2522 merge

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621. [func] team
libdns++: All Rdata classes now use the generic lexer in
constructors from text. This means that the name fields in such
RRs in a zone file can now be non-absolute (the origin name in that
context will be used), e.g., when loaded by b10-loadzone. Note
that the existing string constructors for these Rdata classes also
use the generic lexer, and they now expect an absolute name (with
the trailing '.') in the name fields.
(Trac #2522, git ea97070cf6b41299351fc29af66fa39c6465d56a)
(Trac #2521, git c6603decaadcd33ccf9aee4a7b22447acec4b7f6)
(See also ChangeLog 594, 564, 545)
620. [bug] jinmei
b10-auth now returns SERVFAIL to queries for a zone that is
configured to be loaded in-memory but isn't due to load time
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