Commit 508b40fd authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[3052] Split D2QueueMgr constructor unit test into individual tests.

parent ce9289d1
......@@ -76,25 +76,32 @@ const uint32_t LISTENER_PORT = 5301;
const uint32_t SENDER_PORT = LISTENER_PORT+1;
const long TEST_TIMEOUT = 5 * 1000;
/// @brief Tests the D2QueueMgr constructors.
/// This test verifies that:
/// 1. Construction with max queue size of zero is not allowed
/// 2. Default construction works and max queue size is defaulted properly
/// 3. Construction with custom queue size works properly
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, constructionTests) {
/// @brief Tests that construction with max queue size of zero is not allowed.
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, construction1) {
isc::asiolink::IOService io_service;
// Verify that constructing with max queue size of zero is not allowed.
EXPECT_THROW(D2QueueMgr(io_service, 0), D2QueueMgrError);
/// @brief Tests default construction works.
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, construction2) {
isc::asiolink::IOService io_service;
// Verify that valid constructor works.
D2QueueMgrPtr queue_mgr;
EXPECT_NO_THROW(queue_mgr.reset(new D2QueueMgr(io_service)));
ASSERT_NO_THROW(queue_mgr.reset(new D2QueueMgr(io_service)));
// Verify queue max is defaulted correctly.
EXPECT_EQ(D2QueueMgr::MAX_QUEUE_DEFAULT, queue_mgr->getMaxQueueSize());
/// @brief Tests construction with custom queue size works properly
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, construction3) {
isc::asiolink::IOService io_service;
// Verify that custom queue size constructor works.
EXPECT_NO_THROW(queue_mgr.reset(new D2QueueMgr(io_service, 100)));
D2QueueMgrPtr queue_mgr;
ASSERT_NO_THROW(queue_mgr.reset(new D2QueueMgr(io_service, 100)));
// Verify queue max is the custom value.
EXPECT_EQ(100, queue_mgr->getMaxQueueSize());
......@@ -106,7 +113,7 @@ TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, constructionTests) {
/// 3. Attempting to dequeue an empty queue is not allowed
/// 4. Peek returns the first entry on the queue without altering queue content
/// 5. Dequeue removes the first entry on the queue
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, basicQueueTests) {
TEST(D2QueueMgrBasicTest, basicQueue) {
isc::asiolink::IOService io_service;
// Construct the manager with max queue size set to number of messages
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