Commit 535abe75 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[3025] Don't use # character in m4 messages

This has caused issues in the past (see other error messages for example),
and escaping with \ doesn't seem to help in those cases.
parent f59e953a
......@@ -916,7 +916,7 @@ if test "$BOOST_OFFSET_PTR_OLD" = "yes" -a "$use_shared_memory" = "yes" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([You're trying to compile against boost older than 1.48 with
shared memory. Older versions of boost have a bug which causes segfaults in
offset_ptr implementation when compiled by GCC with optimisations enabled.
See ticket #3025 for details.
See ticket no. 3025 for details.
Either update boost to newer version or use --without-shared-memory.
Note that most users likely don't need shared memory support.
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