Commit 59273bb9 authored by Naoki Kambe's avatar Naoki Kambe
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[master] added the reviewed ChangeLog entry for #2136, #2137, and #2138

When merging trac2138,
  - Git id of #2138 on the ChangeLog entry will be updated.
  - Skipped tests on tests/system/bindctl/ will be uncommented out.
parent d53bb65a
468. [func]* naokikambe, fujiwara
b10-stats polls bind10 and b10-auth for statistics data. The
"poll-interval" parameter in b10-stats is for configuring the polling
interval. All statistics data collected once are preserved while
b10-stats is running. The "sendstats" command was removed from bind10
and b10-auth. The "statistics-interval" configuration item was removed
from b10-auth.
(Trac #2136, git dcb5ce50b4b4e50d28247d5f8b5cb8d90bda942a)
(Trac #2137, git d53bb65a43f6027b15a6edc08c137951e3ce5e0e)
(Trac #2138, git TBD)
bind10-devel-20120816 released on August 16, 2012
467. [bug] jelte
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