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[2976] Implemented unit tests for D2UpdateMessage setters.

parent 570fc148
......@@ -25,8 +25,12 @@ using namespace isc::dns;
D2UpdateMessage::D2UpdateMessage(const bool parse)
: message_(parse ? dns::Message::PARSE : dns::Message::RENDER) {
// If this object is to create an outgoing message, we have to
// set the proper Opcode field and QR flag here.
if (!parse) {
message_.setHeaderFlag(dns::Message::HEADERFLAG_QR, false);
......@@ -36,20 +40,14 @@ D2UpdateMessage::getQRFlag() const {
D2UpdateMessage::setQRFlag(const QRFlag flag) {
bool on = (flag == RESPONSE ? true : false);
message_.setHeaderFlag(dns::Message::HEADERFLAG_QR, on);
D2UpdateMessage::getQid() const {
D2UpdateMessage::getId() const {
return (message_.getQid());
D2UpdateMessage::setQid(const uint16_t qid) {
D2UpdateMessage::setId(const uint16_t id) {
......@@ -80,12 +78,16 @@ D2UpdateMessage::endSection(const UpdateMsgSection section) const {
D2UpdateMessage::setZone(const Name& zone, const RRClass& rrclass) {
// The Zone data is kept in the underlying Question class. If there
// is a record stored there already, we need to remove it, because
// we may have at most one Zone record in the DNS Update message.
if (message_.getRRCount(dns::Message::SECTION_QUESTION) > 0) {
// Add the new record...
Question question(zone, rrclass, RRType::SOA());
// ... and update the local class member holding the D2Zone object.
zone_.reset(new D2Zone(question.getName(), question.getClass()));
......@@ -98,22 +100,19 @@ void
D2UpdateMessage::addRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section,
const dns::RRsetPtr& rrset) {
message_.addRRset(ddnsToDnsSection(section), rrset);
D2UpdateMessage::hasRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section, const dns::Name& name,
const dns::RRClass& rrclass, const dns::RRType& rrtype) {
return (message_.hasRRset(ddnsToDnsSection(section), name, rrclass, rrtype));
D2UpdateMessage::hasRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section, const dns::RRsetPtr &rrset) {
return (message_.hasRRset(ddnsToDnsSection(section), rrset));
D2UpdateMessage::toWire(AbstractMessageRenderer& renderer) {
// We are preparing the wire format of the message, meaning
// that this message will be sent as a request to the DNS.
// Therefore, we expect that this message is a REQUEST.
if (getQRFlag() != REQUEST) {
isc_throw(InvalidQRFlag, "QR flag must be cleared for the outgoing"
" DNS Update message");
// According to RFC2136, the ZONE section may contain exactly one
// record.
if (getRRCount(SECTION_ZONE) != 1) {
isc_throw(InvalidZoneSection, "Zone section of the DNS Update message"
" must comprise exactly one record (RFC2136, section 2.3)");
......@@ -123,16 +122,36 @@ D2UpdateMessage::toWire(AbstractMessageRenderer& renderer) {
D2UpdateMessage::fromWire(isc::util::InputBuffer& buffer) {
// First, use the underlying dns::Message implementation to get the
// contents of the DNS response message. Note that it may or may
// not be the message that we are interested in, but needs to be
// parsed so as we can check its ID, Opcode etc.
// This class implements exposes the getZone() function. This function
// will return pointer to the D2Zone object if non-empty Zone
// section exists in the received message. It will return NULL pointer
// if it doesn't exist. The pointer is held in the D2UpdateMessage class
// member. We need to update this pointer every time we parse the
// message.
if (getRRCount(D2UpdateMessage::SECTION_ZONE) > 0) {
// There is a Zone section in the received message. Replace
// Zone pointer with the new value.
QuestionPtr question = *message_.beginQuestion();
zone_.reset(new D2Zone(question->getName(), question->getClass()));
} else {
// Zone section doesn't hold any pointers, so set the pointer to NULL.
// Check that the content of the received message is sane.
// One of the basic checks to do is to verify that we have
// received the DNS update message. If not, it can be dropped
// or an error message can be printed. Other than that, we
// will check that there is at most one Zone record and QR flag
// is set.
......@@ -153,6 +172,33 @@ D2UpdateMessage::ddnsToDnsSection(const UpdateMsgSection section) {
"unknown message section " << section);
D2UpdateMessage::validate() const {
// Verify that we are dealing with the DNS Update message. According to
// RFC 2136, section 3.8 server will copy the Opcode from the query.
// If we are dealing with a different type of message, we may simply
// stop further processing, because it is likely that the message was
// directed to someone else.
if (message_.getOpcode() != Opcode::UPDATE()) {
isc_throw(NotUpdateMessage, "received message is not a DDNS update, received"
" message code is " << message_.getOpcode().getCode());
// Received message should have QR flag set, which indicates that it is
if (getQRFlag() == REQUEST) {
isc_throw(NotUpdateMessage, "received message should should have QR flag set,"
" to indicate that it is a RESPONSE message, the QR flag is unset");
// DNS server may copy a Zone record from the query message. Since query must
// comprise exactly one Zone record (RFC 2136, section 2.3), the response message
// may contain 1 record at most. It may also contain no records if a server
// chooses not to copy Zone section.
if (getRRCount(SECTION_ZONE) > 1) {
isc_throw(InvalidZoneSection, "received message contains " << getRRCount(SECTION_ZONE)
<< " Zone records, it should contain at most 1 record");
} // namespace d2
} // namespace isc
......@@ -39,6 +39,30 @@ public:
isc::Exception(file, line, what) {}
/// @brief Exception indicating that QR flag has invalid value.
/// This exception is thrown when QR flag has invalid value for
/// the operation performed on the particular message. For instance,
/// the QR flag must be set to indicate that the given message is
/// a RESPONSE when @c D2UpdateMessage::fromWire is performed.
/// The QR flag must be cleared when @c D2UpdateMessage::toWire
/// is executed.
class InvalidQRFlag : public Exception {
InvalidQRFlag(const char* file, size_t line, const char* what) :
isc::Exception(file, line, what) {}
/// @brief Exception indicating that the parsed message is not DNS Update.
/// This exception is thrown when decoding the DNS message which is not
/// a DNS Update.
class NotUpdateMessage : public Exception {
NotUpdateMessage(const char* file, size_t line, const char* what) :
isc::Exception(file, line, what) {}
/// @brief The @c D2UpdateMessage encapsulates a DNS Update message.
......@@ -80,11 +104,9 @@ public:
QRFlag getQRFlag() const;
void setQRFlag(const QRFlag flag);
uint16_t getId() const;
uint16_t getQid() const;
void setQid(const uint16_t qid);
void setId(const uint16_t qid);
const dns::Rcode& getRcode() const;
......@@ -102,15 +124,6 @@ public:
void addRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section, const dns::RRsetPtr& rrset);
bool hasRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section, const dns::Name& name,
const dns::RRClass& rrclass, const dns::RRType& rrtype);
bool hasRRset(const UpdateMsgSection section, const dns::RRsetPtr &rrset);
void clearSection(const UpdateMsgSection section);
void clear(const bool parse_mode);
void toWire(dns::AbstractMessageRenderer& renderer);
void fromWire(isc::util::InputBuffer& buffer);
......@@ -119,6 +132,7 @@ public:
static dns::Message::Section ddnsToDnsSection(const UpdateMsgSection section);
void validate() const;
dns::Message message_;
D2ZonePtr zone_;
......@@ -76,6 +76,45 @@ public:
// This test verifies that DNS Update message ID can be set using
// setId function.
TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, setId) {
D2UpdateMessage msg;
EXPECT_EQ(0, msg.getId());
EXPECT_EQ(0x1234, msg.getId());
// This test verifies that the DNS Update message RCODE can be set
// using setRcode function.
TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, setRcode) {
D2UpdateMessage msg;
EXPECT_EQ(Rcode::NOERROR().getCode(), msg.getRcode().getCode());
EXPECT_EQ(Rcode::NOTIMP().getCode(), msg.getRcode().getCode());
// This test verifies that the Zone section in the DNS Update message
// can be set.
TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, setZone) {
D2UpdateMessage msg;
D2ZonePtr zone = msg.getZone();
msg.setZone(Name(""), RRClass::ANY());
zone = msg.getZone();
EXPECT_EQ("", zone->getName().toText());
EXPECT_EQ(RRClass::ANY().getCode(), zone->getClass().getCode());
msg.setZone(Name(""), RRClass::NONE());
zone = msg.getZone();
EXPECT_EQ("", zone->getName().toText());
EXPECT_EQ(RRClass::NONE().getCode(), zone->getClass().getCode());
// This test verifies that the DNS message is properly decoded from the
// wire format.
TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, fromWire) {
......@@ -158,7 +197,7 @@ TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, fromWire) {
// Check that the message header is valid.
EXPECT_EQ(0x05AF, msg.getQid());
EXPECT_EQ(0x05AF, msg.getId());
EXPECT_EQ(D2UpdateMessage::RESPONSE, msg.getQRFlag());
EXPECT_EQ(Rcode::YXDOMAIN_CODE, msg.getRcode().getCode());
......@@ -225,9 +264,7 @@ TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, fromWire) {
TEST_F(D2UpdateMessageTest, toWire) {
D2UpdateMessage msg;
// Set message ID.
// Make it a Request message by setting the QR flag to 0.
// Rcode to NOERROR.
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