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[3874] Added example configuration for setting up DUID.

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# This is an example configuration file for DHCPv6 server in Kea.
# It demonstrates how to configure Kea to use DUID-LLT with some
# values specified explicitly.
{ "Dhcp6":
# Configure server identifier (DUID-LLT). The hexadecimal value of the
# identifier will be used as link layer address component of the DUID.
# The link layer type will be ethernet. The value of time is set to 0
# which indicates that the server must generate this value, i.e. use
# current time. Note that it is easy to move from this configuration
# to DUID-EN or DUID-LL. It would require changing the "type" value
# to "EN" or "LL" respectively. The "identifier" would hold a
# DUID-EN variable length identifier or DUID-LL link layer address.
# The values of "time" and "htype" would be ignored for DUID-EN.
# If one wanted to use a non-default enterprise-id for DUID-EN, the
# "enterprise-id" parameter would need to be added. Note that only
# a "type" parameter is mandatory while specifying "server-id" map.
"server-id": {
"type": "LLT",
"identifier": "12C4D5AF870C",
"time": 0,
"htype": 1
# Kea is told to listen on ethX interface only.
"interfaces-config": {
"interfaces": [ "ethX" ]
# We need to specify lease type. As of May 2014, three backends are supported:
# memfile, mysql and pgsql. We'll just use memfile, because it doesn't require
# any prior set up.
"lease-database": {
"type": "memfile"
# Addresses will be assigned with preferred and valid lifetimes
# being 3000 and 4000, respectively. Client is told to start
# renewing after 1000 seconds. If the server does not respond
# after 2000 seconds since the lease was granted, client is supposed
# to start REBIND procedure (emergency renewal that allows switching
# to a different server).
"preferred-lifetime": 3000,
"valid-lifetime": 4000,
"renew-timer": 1000,
"rebind-timer": 2000,
# The following list defines subnets. Each subnet consists of at
# least subnet and pool entries.
"subnet6": [
"pools": [ { "pool": "2001:db8:1::/80" } ],
"subnet": "2001:db8:1::/64",
"interface": "ethX"
# The following configures logging. Kea will log all debug messages
# to /var/log/kea-debug.log file.
"Logging": {
"loggers": [
"name": "kea-dhcp6",
"output_options": [
"output": "/var/log/kea-debug.log"
"debuglevel": 99,
"severity": "DEBUG"
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