Commit 669a650e authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[1351] Update docstring of set_tsig_key_name()

parent b7326255
...@@ -1246,10 +1246,12 @@ class ZoneInfo: ...@@ -1246,10 +1246,12 @@ class ZoneInfo:
raise XfrinZoneInfoException(errmsg) raise XfrinZoneInfoException(errmsg)
def set_tsig_key_name(self, tsig_key_str): def set_tsig_key_name(self, tsig_key_str):
"""Set the tsig_key for this zone, given a TSIG key string """Set the name of the tsig_key for this zone. If tsig_key_str
representation. If tsig_key_str is None, no TSIG key will is None, no TSIG key will be used. This name is used to
be set. Raises XfrinZoneInfoException if tsig_key_str cannot find the TSIG key to use for transfers in the global TSIG
be parsed. TODO UPDATE""" key ring.
Raises XfrinZoneInfoException if tsig_key_str is not a valid
(dns) name."""
if tsig_key_str is None: if tsig_key_str is None:
self.tsig_key_name = None self.tsig_key_name = None
else: else:
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