Commit 669a650e authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[1351] Update docstring of set_tsig_key_name()

parent b7326255
......@@ -1246,10 +1246,12 @@ class ZoneInfo:
raise XfrinZoneInfoException(errmsg)
def set_tsig_key_name(self, tsig_key_str):
"""Set the tsig_key for this zone, given a TSIG key string
representation. If tsig_key_str is None, no TSIG key will
be set. Raises XfrinZoneInfoException if tsig_key_str cannot
be parsed. TODO UPDATE"""
"""Set the name of the tsig_key for this zone. If tsig_key_str
is None, no TSIG key will be used. This name is used to
find the TSIG key to use for transfers in the global TSIG
key ring.
Raises XfrinZoneInfoException if tsig_key_str is not a valid
(dns) name."""
if tsig_key_str is None:
self.tsig_key_name = None
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