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[master] update changelog

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382. [func] jelte
b10-auth now also experimentally supports statistics counters of
the rcode reponses it sends. The counters can be shown as
rcode.<code name>, where code name is the lowercase textual
representation of the rcode (e.g. "noerror", "formerr", etc.).
Same note applies as for opcodes, see changelog entry 364.
(Trac #1613, git e98da500d7b02e11347431a74f2efce5a7d622aa)
381. [bug] jinmei
b10-auth: honor the DNSSEC DO bit in the new query handler.
(Trac #1695, git 61f4da5053c6a79fbc162fb16f195cdf8f94df64)
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