Commit 7f9bc845 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[1396] Rename method to getLength()

At first I thought getLength() may already be in use by RR type-specific
classes, but it's not in use. getLength() is more consistent with naming
of other classes' wire data length methods.
parent 4b77db4d
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ namespace dns {
namespace rdata {
Rdata::getWireLength() const {
Rdata::getLength() const {
OutputBuffer obuffer(0);
......@@ -227,15 +227,15 @@ public:
/// IMPLEMENTATION NOTE: Currently this base class implementation is
/// non-optimal as it renders the wire data to a buffer and returns
/// the buffer's length. What would perform better is to add
/// implementations of \c getWireLength() method to every RDATA
/// implementations of \c getLength() method to every RDATA
/// type. This is why this method is virtual. Once all Rdata types
/// have \c getWireLength() implementations, this base class
/// have \c getLength() implementations, this base class
/// implementation must be removed and the method should become a
/// pure interface.
/// \return The length of the wire format representation of the
/// RDATA.
virtual uint16_t getWireLength() const;
virtual uint16_t getLength() const;
namespace generic {
......@@ -211,12 +211,12 @@ TEST_F(RdataTest, createRdataWithLexer) {
"file does not end with newline");
TEST_F(RdataTest, getWireLength) {
TEST_F(RdataTest, getLength) {
const in::AAAA aaaa_rdata("2001:db8::1");
EXPECT_EQ(16, aaaa_rdata.getWireLength());
EXPECT_EQ(16, aaaa_rdata.getLength());
const generic::TXT txt_rdata("Hello World");
EXPECT_EQ(12, txt_rdata.getWireLength());
EXPECT_EQ(12, txt_rdata.getLength());
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