Commit 8edba879 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[3264] One more review change.

Forgot to document params to doOneExchange.
parent 432acd7e
......@@ -302,6 +302,9 @@ public:
/// This method is used to build and send and update request. It is used
/// in conjuction with FauxServer to test various message response
/// scenarios.
/// @param name_change Transaction under test
/// @param run_time Maximum time to permit IO processing to run before
/// timing out (in milliseconds)
void doOneExchange(NameChangeStubPtr name_change,
unsigned int run_time = 500) {
// Create a valid request for the transaction.
......@@ -856,6 +859,10 @@ TEST_F(NameChangeTransactionTest, sendUpdateTimeout) {
// Build a valid request, call sendUpdate and process the response.
// Note we have to wait for DNSClient timeout plus a bit more to allow
// DNSClient to timeout.
// The method, doOneExchange, can suffer fatal assertions which invalidate
// not only it but the invoking test as well. In other words, if the
// doOneExchange blows up the rest of test is pointless. I use
// ASSERT_NO_FATAL_FAILURE to abort the test immediately.
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