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[2902] Further cleanup as a result of the review.

parent 18665064
......@@ -28,14 +28,21 @@ namespace {
using namespace isc::dhcp;
/// The socket filter program, used to filter out all traffic other
/// than DHCP. In particular, it allows receipt of UDP packets
/// on a specific (customizable) port. It does not allow fragmented
/// packets.
/// The following structure defines a Berkely Packet Filter program to perform
/// packet filtering. The program operates on Ethernet packets. To help with
/// interpretation of the program, for the types of Ethernet packets we are
/// interested in, the header layout is:
/// Socket filter program is platform independent code which is
/// executed on the kernel level when new packet arrives. This concept
/// originates from the Berkeley Packet Filtering supported on BSD systems.
/// 6 bytes Destination Ethernet Address
/// 6 bytes Source Ethernet Address
/// 2 bytes Ethernet packet type
/// 20 bytes Fixed part of IP header
/// variable Variable part of IP header
/// 2 bytes UDP Source port
/// 2 bytes UDP destination port
/// 4 bytes Rest of UDP header
/// @todo We may want to extend the filter to receive packets sent
/// to the particular IP address assigned to the interface or
......@@ -689,23 +689,11 @@ TEST_F(IfaceMgrTest, socketsFromRemoteAddress) {
// open sockets on the same ports.
// The check below has been commented out. It verified the ability
// to open suitable socket for sending broadcast request. However,
// There used to be a check here that verified the ability to open
// suitable socket for sending broadcast request. However,
// there is no guarantee for such test to work on all systems
// because some systems may have no broadcast capable interfaces at all.
/* #if defined(OS_LINUX)
// Open v4 socket to connect to broadcast address.
int socket3 = 0;
IOAddress bcastAddr("");
try {
socket3 = ifacemgr->openSocketFromRemoteAddress(bcastAddr, PORT2);
} catch (const Exception& ex) {
std::cout << ex.what() << std::endl;
EXPECT_GT(socket3, 0);
#endif */
// Thus, this check has been removed.
// Do not call closeSockets() because it is called by IfaceMgr's
// virtual destructor.
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