Commit 9c25723e authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2911] suppress IXFR-to-AXFR fallback if IXFR only is specified.

parent 2a2f47d3
......@@ -3329,6 +3329,13 @@ class TestXfrinProcess(unittest.TestCase):
self.__do_test([XFRIN_FAIL, XFRIN_FAIL],
def test_ixfr_only(self):
The transfer fails and IXFR_ONLY is specified. It shouldn't fall
back to AXFR and should report failure.
self.__do_test([XFRIN_FAIL], [RRType.IXFR], ZoneInfo.REQUEST_IXFR_ONLY)
def test_send_loadzone(self):
Check the loadzone command is sent after successful transfer.
......@@ -1208,12 +1208,19 @@ def __process_xfrin(server, zone_name, rrclass, db_file,
# IXFR failed for some reason. It might mean the server
# can't handle it, or we don't have the zone or we are out
# of sync or whatever else. So we retry with with AXFR, as
# it may succeed in many such cases.
retry = True
request_type = RRType.AXFR
logger.warn(XFRIN_XFR_TRANSFER_FALLBACK, conn.zone_str())
conn = None
# it may succeed in many such cases; if "IXFR only" is
# specified in request_ixfr, however, we suppress the
# fallback.
if request_ixfr == ZoneInfo.REQUEST_IXFR_ONLY:
retry = True
request_type = RRType.AXFR
conn = None
except Exception as ex:
# If exception happens, just remember it here so that we can re-raise
......@@ -230,6 +230,17 @@ such that the remote server doesn't support IXFR, we don't have the SOA record
(or the zone at all), we are out of sync, etc. In many of these situations,
AXFR could still work. Therefore we try that one in case it helps.
% XFRIN_XFR_TRANSFER_FALLBACK_DISABLED suppressing fallback from IXFR to AXFR for %1
An IXFR transfer of the given zone failed. By default AXFR will be
tried next, but this fallback is disabled by configuration, so the
whole transfer attempt failed at that point. If the reason for the
failure (which should be logged separately) is temporary, this is
probably harmless or even desired as another IXFR will take place some
time later (without falling back to the possibly expensive AXFR). If
this is a permanent error (e.g., some change at the master server
completely disables IXFR), the secondary zone will eventually expire,
so the configuration should be changed to allow AXFR.
% XFRIN_XFR_TRANSFER_PROTOCOL_VIOLATION %1 transfer of zone %2 with %3 failed: %4
The XFR transfer for the given zone has failed due to a protocol
error, such as an unexpected response from the primary server. The
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