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[master] Added ChangeLog entry 648

also removed extra brackets from 636, and 637
parent 3d39bcca
648. [func] tmark
Moved classes pertaining to sending and receiving
NameChangeRequests from src/bin/d2 into their own library,
libdhcp_ddns, in src/lib/dhcp_ddns. This allows the
classes to be shared between DHDCP-DDNS and its clients,
such as the DHCP servers.
(Trac# 3065, git 3d39bccaf3f0565152ef73ec3e2cd03e77572c56)
647. [func] tmark
Added initial implementation of classes for sending
and receiving NameChangeRequests between DHCP-DDNS
......@@ -63,13 +71,13 @@
structure of per-zone statistics.
(Trac #2884, git c0153581c3533ef045a92e68e0464aab00947cbb)
637. [func] [tmark]
637. [func] tmark
Added initial implementation of NameChangeRequest,
which embodies DNS update requests sent to DHCP-DDNS
by its clients.
(trac3007 git f33bdd59c6a8c8ea883f11578b463277d01c2b70)
636. [func] [tmark]
636. [func] tmark
Added the initial implementation of configuration parsing for
(Trac #2957, git c04fb71fa44c2a458aac57ae54eeb1711c017a49)
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