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[master] Added entry 731 for Trac 3033.

parent 0ba85983
731. [func] tmark
b10-dhcp4 now parses parameters which support DHCP-DDNS updates via
the DHCP-DDNS module, b10-dhcp-ddns. These parameters are part of new
configuration element, dhcp-ddns, defined in dhcp4.spec. The parameters
parse, store and retrieve but do not yet govern behavior. That will be
provided under separate ticket.
(Trac# 3033, git 0ba859834503f2b9b908cd7bc572e0286ca9201f)
730. [bug] tomek
b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Both servers used to unnecessarily increase
subnet-id values after reconfiguration. The subnet-ids are now reset
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