Commit af517760 authored by Kazunori Fujiwara's avatar Kazunori Fujiwara
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[2138] bind10-gude.xml update and comment update

parent 2d85cd23
......@@ -1407,21 +1407,6 @@ can use various data source backends.
<varname>statistics-interval</varname> is the timer interval
in seconds for <command>b10-auth</command> to share its
statistics information to
Statistics updates can be disabled by setting this to 0.
The default is 60.
......@@ -1457,10 +1442,11 @@ can use various data source backends.
<command>sendstats</command> tells <command>b10-auth</command>
<command>getstats</command> requests <command>b10-auth</command>
to send its statistics data to
as a response of the command.
......@@ -105,7 +105,8 @@ public:
isc::data::ConstElementPtr args) = 0;
// Handle the "shutdown" command.
// Handle the "shutdown" command. An optional parameter "pid" is used to
// see if it is really for our instance.
class ShutdownCommand : public AuthCommand {
virtual ConstElementPtr exec(AuthSrv& server,
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