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modify version number in ChangeLog

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87. [func] zhanglikun
lib/python/isc/notifyout: Add the feature of notify-out, when
zone axfr/ixfr finishing, the server will notify its slaves.
(Trac #289, svn r2735)
(Trac #289, svn r2737)
86. [func] jerry
bin/zonemgr: Added zone manager module. The zone manager is one
of the co-operating processes of BIND10, which keeps track of
timers and other information necessary for BIND10 to act as a
slave. (Trac #215, svn r2735)
slave. (Trac #215, svn r2737)
85. [build]* jinmei
Build programs using dynamic link by default. A new configure
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