Commit c2217c35 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[3689] Trivial: rename infRequest to inf_request per coding guidelines.

parent 8c291fe7
......@@ -2501,24 +2501,24 @@ Dhcpv6Srv::processDecline(const Pkt6Ptr& decline) {
Dhcpv6Srv::processInfRequest(const Pkt6Ptr& infRequest) {
Dhcpv6Srv::processInfRequest(const Pkt6Ptr& inf_request) {
// Let's create a simplified client context here.
AllocEngine::ClientContext6 ctx = createContext(infRequest);
AllocEngine::ClientContext6 ctx = createContext(inf_request);
// Create a Reply packet, with the same trans-id as the client's.
Pkt6Ptr reply(new Pkt6(DHCPV6_REPLY, infRequest->getTransid()));
Pkt6Ptr reply(new Pkt6(DHCPV6_REPLY, inf_request->getTransid()));
// Copy client options (client-id, also relay information if present)
copyClientOptions(infRequest, reply);
copyClientOptions(inf_request, reply);
// Append default options, i.e. options that the server is supposed
// to put in all messages it sends (server-id for now, but possibly other
// options once we start supporting authentication)
appendDefaultOptions(infRequest, reply);
appendDefaultOptions(inf_request, reply);
// Try to assign options that were requested by the client.
appendRequestedOptions(infRequest, reply, ctx);
appendRequestedOptions(inf_request, reply, ctx);
return (reply);
......@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ protected:
/// @brief Stub function that will handle incoming INF-REQUEST messages.
/// @param infRequest message received from client
Pkt6Ptr processInfRequest(const Pkt6Ptr& infRequest);
/// @param inf_request message received from client
Pkt6Ptr processInfRequest(const Pkt6Ptr& inf_request);
/// @brief Creates status-code option.
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