Commit c87fab72 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[master] Use equality operator to compare iterators in unit test.

parent b8eb610b
......@@ -2164,11 +2164,11 @@ TEST_F(Dhcpv6SrvTest, rsoo) {
// Option 110 should be copied to the client
EXPECT_NE(client.config_.options_.find(110), client.config_.options_.end());
EXPECT_FALSE(client.config_.options_.find(110) == client.config_.options_.end());
// Options 109 and 111 should not be copied (they are not RSOO-enabled)
EXPECT_EQ(client.config_.options_.find(109), client.config_.options_.end());
EXPECT_EQ(client.config_.options_.find(111), client.config_.options_.end());
EXPECT_TRUE(client.config_.options_.find(109) == client.config_.options_.end());
EXPECT_TRUE(client.config_.options_.find(111) == client.config_.options_.end());
// Test that the server processes RSOO (Relay Supplied Options option) correctly
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