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......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ public:
/// the app_name parameter of initSocketRequestor is used. If that one
/// is empty as well, it is accepted, but not recommended, as such
/// a non-descriptive name has a high chance of collisions between
/// applications. nOTE THat you should provide a name (by share_name
/// applications. Note that you should provide a name (by share_name
/// or app_name) even when you set it to DONT_SHARE (for logs and
/// debugging) and you need to provide one with SHARE_SAME (to know
/// what is same) and SHARE_ANY (someone else might want SHARE_SAME,
......@@ -175,6 +175,17 @@ public:
/// \return the socket, as a file descriptor and token representing it on
/// the socket creator side.
/// To understand the modes better:
/// - If mode is DONT_SHARE, it succeeds if no one else has opened an FD
/// for requested protocol, address and port.
/// - If mode is SHARE_SAME, it succeeds if all applications who opened a
/// FD for the requested protocol, address and port provided the same
/// share_name as this one and none of them had mode DONT_SHARE.
/// - If mode is SHARE_ANY, it succeeds if no applications who requested
/// the same potocol, address and port provided DONT_SHARE and all the
/// applications who provided SHARE_SAME also provided the same
/// share_name as we.
/// \throw InvalidParameter protocol or share_mode is invalid
/// \throw CCSessionError when we have a problem talking over the CC
/// session.
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