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[master] remove an entry and renumber

One change was not in any released version and then was reverted.
So remove it.
So change the revert message entry and renumber some entries.
This was discussed via jabber a couple weeks ago,
but nobody reviewed my patch for this.
parent 08460b8c
779. [func]* marcin
778. [func]* marcin
libdhcpsrv: the Memfile lease storage backend now writes
leases into a CSV file. Configuration parsers for b10-dhcp4
and b10-dhcp6 use the new configuration parameters to
......@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@
(Trac #3360, git 09e6e71abf8bc693e389ebd262fd149b43c1f1d4)
778. [func] tmark
777. [func] tmark
If b10-dhcp-ddns is configured to listen on an address other than
loopback, it will issue a log message warning the user that this is
insecure and is supported for testing purposes only.
(Trac #3383, git 652aa4de2fa82fdf3de569d01d9f4aa618fc1972)
777. [func] tomek
776. [func] tomek
b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now support using PostgreSQL as the backend
for storing lease data. This backend is enabled by specifying
--with-dhcp-pgsql on the "configure" command line. Without this
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
Carlier who contributed the initial patches for this work.
(Trac #3080, git 1aae8b1fab3008e62c4f085948b1abadad512447)
776. [func] marcin
775. [func] marcin
b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: added a new parameter to subnet configuration.
This parameter allows subnet ids to be set to arbitrary values or
automatically generated values. Generated subnet ids are renumbered
......@@ -30,19 +30,19 @@
specific values prevents this renumbering.
(Trac #3281, git d90e9a0642fbb16a4e664160b4812f61fb81f1aa)
775. [doc] marcin
774. [doc] marcin
Updated information in the BIND 10 Guide about the standards supported
by Kea and its current limitations.
(Trac #3258, git ff52b86206e3a256a02ca6d5cde55040550ba86a)
774. [doc] tmark
773. [doc] tmark
Added sections to the BIND 10 guide on configuring and using the
DHCP-DDNS feature of Kea. Chapter 19, describes the new DHCP-DDNS
server and its configuration. Additions to chapters 17 and 18
describe configuring the DHCP servers to work with the new server.
(Trac #3283, git 806eea955c61eba2d7268958a740a8e8ea63bdaf)
773. [bug] tmark
772. [bug] tmark
b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now both correctly support DDNS updates
when honoring client requested delegation. When DDNS is enabled,
and the client's FQDN indicates they will do the forward updates,
......@@ -51,13 +51,12 @@
DDNS update requests when honoring client delegation.
(Trac #3352, git b1a0f405463723d539b2e6ed2dcdd692d7796b88)
772. [bug] tmark
Tickets #3339 and #3373 (see entries 760 and 768 respectively)
were reverted. They introduced a bug where components added through
bindctl, could not be removed.
771. [bug] tmark
Ticket #3339 (entry 760) was reverted to fix regression
where components added through bindctl, could not be removed.
(Trac #3374, git c641e2d0569df3ca3e5a93beaf0ecf39db07e402)
771. [bug] tmark
770. [bug] tmark
Configuration parsing in b10-dhcp6 and b10-dhcp4 for the "dhcp-ddns"
section of their configurations now supplies hard-coded default values
rather than those from their spec files. This is a temporary solution
......@@ -65,11 +64,11 @@
map-items to behave incorrectly.
(Trac #3358, git 983d8acec3a7ccb1ffef662eac7518aed5f99381)
770. [func] marcin
769. [func] marcin
b10-dhcp6: Implemented support for Rebind message.
(Trac #3232, git 3649413932857470558a6f19e0b0e181b3fc0fda)
769. [bug] tmark
768. [bug] tmark
b10-dhcp-ddns now treats a DNS server response code of
NXRRSET as a successful outcome when processing a request
to remove DNS data. This corrects a defect in which
......@@ -77,14 +76,6 @@
DNS data when the DNS server's response was NXRRSET.
(Trac #3362, git da3b0d4f364d069ffdb47723545798ac589fae42)
768. [bug] tmark
Python configuration library now properly merges changes into
configuration items that are maps of items. This corrects a
defect in which a change to an item in a map of items could
committed, only to be lost upon committing a subsequent change
to same map of items during the same bindctl session.
(Trac #3373, git da3b0d4f364d069ffdb47723545798ac589fae42)
767. [func] tomek
Unit-tests for all DHCP database backends are now shared.
This improves test coverage for memfile and any future
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