Commit d217a093 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[2386] Remove obsolete NSECLikeBitmapTest.badText test

parent b7e16c6f
......@@ -168,14 +168,6 @@ TYPED_TEST(NSECLikeBitmapTest, createFromWire) {
// Disabled by #2386. Unsure whether trailing spaces are disallowed. The
// RFC itself doesn't say anything about it (RFC4034 section 4.2).
TYPED_TEST(NSECLikeBitmapTest, DISABLED_badText) {
// redundant space after the sequence
EXPECT_THROW(this->fromText(this->getCommonText() + "A "),
// This tests the result of toText() with various kinds of NSEC/NSEC3 bitmaps.
// It also tests the "from text" constructor as a result.
TYPED_TEST(NSECLikeBitmapTest, toText) {
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