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658. [func]* vorner
The resolver, being experimental, is no longer installed by default.
If you really want to use it, even when it is known to be buggy, use
(Trac #3064, git f5f07c976d2d42bdf80fea4433202ecf1f260648)
657. [bug] vorner
Due to various problems with older versions of boost and shared memory,
the server rejects to compile with combination of boost < 1.48 and shared
memory enabled. Most users don't need shared memory, admins of large
servers are asked to upgrade boost.
(Trac #3025, git 598e458c7af7d5bb81131112396e4c5845060ecd)
656. [func] tomek
Additional hooks (buffer6_receive, lease6_renew,
lease6_release, buffer6_send) added to the DHCPv6 server.
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