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......@@ -353,8 +353,25 @@ public:
TSIGError verify(const TSIGRecord* const record, const void* const data,
const size_t data_len);
/// TBD: mostly for internal use. context dependent.
/// won't provide python binding.
/// Return the expected length of TSIG RR after \c sign()
/// This method returns the length of the TSIG RR based that would be
/// produced as a result of \c sign() with the state of the context
/// at the time of the call. The expected length can be decided
/// from the key and the algorithm (which determines the MAC size if
/// included) and the recorded TSIG error. Specifically, if a key
/// related error has been identified, the MAC will be excluded; if
/// a time error has occurred, the TSIG will include "other data".
/// This method is provided mainly for the convenient of the Message class,
/// which needs to know the expected TSIG length in rendering a signed
/// DNS message so that it can handle truncated messages with TSIG
/// correctly. Normal applications wouldn't need this method. The Python
/// binding for this method won't be provided for the same reason.
/// \exception None
/// \return The expected TISG RR length in bytes
size_t getTSIGLength() const;
/// Return the current state of the context
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