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[master] Added ChangeLog entry 772 for Trac #3374.

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772. [bug] tmark
Tickets #3339 and #3373 (see entries 760 and 768 respectively)
were reverted. They introduced a bug where components added through
bindctl, could not be removed.
(Trac #3374, git c641e2d0569df3ca3e5a93beaf0ecf39db07e402)
771. [bug] tmark
Configuration parsing in b10-dchp6 and b10-dhcp4 for the "dhcp-ddns"
section of their configurations now supplies hard-coded default values
rather than those from their spec files. This is a temporary solution
to circumvent an issue in the configuration libraries which causes
map-items to behave incorrectly.
(Trac #3358, git 983d8acec3a7ccb1ffef662eac7518aed5f99381)
(Trac #3358, git 983d8acec3a7ccb1ffef662eac7518aed5f99381)
770. [func] marcin
b10-dhcp6: Implemented support for Rebind message.
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