Commit ecc58c5e authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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[3150] Extra unit-test for temp. address pool

parent eeacc3ac
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Pool4::Pool4( const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& prefix, uint8_t prefix_len)
Pool6::Pool6(PoolType type, const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& first,
const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& last)
:Pool(type, first, last) {
:Pool(type, first, last), prefix_len_(128) {
// check if specified address boundaries are sane
if (!first.isV6() || !last.isV6()) {
......@@ -190,6 +190,38 @@ TEST(Pool6Test, PD) {
77, 77));
// Checks that temporary address pools are handled properly
TEST(Pool6Test, TA) {
// Note: since we defined TA pool types during PD work, we can test it
// now. Although the configuration to take advantage of it is not
// planned for now, we will support it some day.
// Let's construct 2001:db8:1::/96 temporary addresses
Pool6Ptr pool1;
EXPECT_NO_THROW(pool1.reset(new Pool6(Pool6::TYPE_TA,
IOAddress("2001:db8:1::"), 96)));
// Check that TA range can be only defined for single addresses
EXPECT_THROW(Pool6(Pool6::TYPE_TA, IOAddress("2001:db8:1::"), 96, 127),
EXPECT_EQ(Pool6::TYPE_TA, pool1->getType());
EXPECT_EQ(128, pool1->getLength()); // singular addresses, not prefixes
EXPECT_EQ("2001:db8:1::", pool1->getFirstAddress().toText());
EXPECT_EQ("2001:db8:1::ffff:ffff", pool1->getLastAddress().toText());
// Check that it's possible to have min-max range for TA
Pool6Ptr pool2;
EXPECT_NO_THROW(pool2.reset(new Pool6(Pool6::TYPE_TA,
EXPECT_EQ(Pool6::TYPE_TA, pool2->getType());
EXPECT_EQ(128, pool2->getLength()); // singular addresses, not prefixes
EXPECT_EQ("2001:db8:1::1", pool2->getFirstAddress().toText());
EXPECT_EQ("2001:db8:1::f", pool2->getLastAddress().toText());
// This test creates 100 pools and verifies that their IDs are unique.
TEST(Pool6Test, unique_id) {
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