1. 01 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  2. 26 Jun, 2014 5 commits
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      [3436] Added configuration permutations test from file to D2 · d1a0a7fa
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added the unit test D2CfgMgrTest.configPermutations to
      d2_cfg_mgr_unittests.cc.  This test iterates through the
      list of test configurations defined in a specialzed JSON
      data file.  It provides a relatively painless way to test
      a large number configurations without hard-coding them.
      Added the test data file:
      It currently contains over sixty tests. The vast majority
      of these tests are invalid content tests.
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      [3436] D2 DdnsDomain configuration errors now include position info. · c2b4e255
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Modified DdnsDomainParser::build to validate parameters and use position
      info in error messages.
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      [3436] D2 DnsServerInfo configuration errors now include position info. · 80997c12
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Modified TSIGKeyInfoParser::build to validate parameters and use position
      in error messages.
      Parameter "hostname" now throws an "not supported yet" error.  This
      can be undone if/when its implmemented.
      Port must now be non-zero.
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      [3436] D2CfgMgr now validates top level params · 1e69c034
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      D2CfgMgr::buildParams now validates all of the
      top level params prior to calling the D2Params
      constructor.  This allows element position info
      to be included in error logging.
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      [3436] Added position info to top level parser creation in D2 · e10603ef
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added element position argument to DCfgMgrBase::createConfigParser(),
      so derivations have access to print position info unsupported top level
      element errors.
      Removed two log messages DCT_ORDER_ERROR and DCT_ORDER_NO_ELEMENT. These
      conditions are well explained in exceptions thrown and these logs just
      cluttered the log output.
      Removed extra text from DCTL_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL and DCTL_PARSER_FAIL log
      messages. The log ID is self-explanatory and the underlying exceptions
      provide ample explanation of the error.  Makes the log output much easier
      to understand.
      Revised items-not-in-parse-order detection in DCfgMgrBase::parseConfig().
      Rather than complicated counting logic, objects are removed from the list
      as they are parsed.  Any left over were not in the parsing-order.
      Removed try-catch-throw from DCfgMgrBase::buildAndCommit. This method
      already throws its own exception. Catching, logging, and re-throwing
      exceptions from underneath it really just server to clutter the log.
  3. 28 May, 2014 1 commit
  4. 27 May, 2014 1 commit
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      [3432] Addressed review comments · 137c12ee
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Consolidated DNSClient::doUpdate variants into a single method which
      accepts a smart pointer to a TSIGKey instead of TSIGKey reference.
      Simplified some unit tests.
      Added missing commentary.
      Corrected typos and copyright dates.
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  10. 07 May, 2014 1 commit
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      [3268] Modified D2CfgMgr and spec file · 67f5da73
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added D2CfgMgr::buildParams() method to support the new parameters first
      Removed support D2's global "interface" parameter, and added three more:
       - dns_server_timeout
       - ncr_protocol
       - ncr_format
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  17. 16 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      [3075] Implemented main event loop in b10-dhcp-ddns · c39eb9bb
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added main process event loop to D2Process which is the
      primary application "object" in b10-dchp-ddns.
      Along the way it was necessary to adjust D2QueueManager to treat
      stopping as an asyncrhonous event when IO is pending. This
      requied a change in lib-dchp-ddns to have awareness of when
      IO is pending.
      Fixed a bug in D2 configuration parsing in which parsing a
      a subsequent configuration caused duplicate TSIGKeyInfo
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