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      [master] DHCP4_SERVERID_LOADED and DHCP6_SERVERID_LOADED need server-id too · 937c982c
      Jeremy C. Reed authored
      On my home system I received error when running unit tests like:
      Message DHCP4_SERVERID_LOADED server-id /home/reed/opt/bind10/var/b10-dhcp4-serverid has been loaded from file %2
      assertion ""Excess logger placeholders still exist in message" == NULL" failed: file "../../../../src/lib/log/log_formatter.cc", line 69, function "void isc::log::checkExcessPlaceholders(std::string*, unsigned int)"
      I am using --enable-logger-checks. The build farm also uses that.
      I am not sure why this was not seen  on the build farm.
      I added the missing value for dhcp4 and dhcp6 and the make check completed.
      It had slight review on jabber.
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      Typo fixes. · e6348b61
      Shane Kerr authored
    • Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
      Rename log message ID · 5351989c
      Michal 'vorner' Vaner authored
      Logging XFRIN_TRANSFER_PROTOCOL_ERROR as INFO level message could be
      confusing. Rename to XFRIN_TRANSFER_PROTOCOL_VIOLATION, which is
      neutral which has a neutral name regarding the log levels.
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