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      [2016] check for single_update_mode · 6cf1a5f2
      Jelte Jansen authored
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      [2016] Additional tests for diff changes · 513458b7
      Jelte Jansen authored
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      [2016] Add 'find_updated' and 'find_all_updated' · cbd9b3e4
      Jelte Jansen authored
      These methods take the current additions and deletions into account; on success (or basic not-found), they add and remove rrs found in their respective buffers of the diff; i.e. added data is added to the result, removed data is removed. In effect, this returns the data as if the diff would have been committed. These only work on basic data, and do not take special find() processing into account. Therefore, any 'other' result is directly returned (and left to be handled by the caller).
      This needed one other change; if you add data which is also in the deletions list, instead of adding it to the additions, it is removed from the deletions (and vice versa). This has the additional benefit of making diffs smaller if they contain removal and addition of the same data.
  6. 06 Jun, 2012 1 commit
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      [2018] add find defaults · 1592922f
      Jelte Jansen authored
      and reverted the acl check from the previous commit (going to address that separately)
      Also add committed check to diff's find and find_all
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      [1456] Add 'single-update-mode' to xfrin/diff.py · f47d81ec
      Jelte Jansen authored
      This mode is useful for DDNS-type updates; it allows for additions and deletions to be done in any order (keeping track of them separately).
      It does have some extra restrictions; SOA records must be the first deleted and the first added type, and may not occur later anymore (causes ValueError).
      For now, I left this in python/isc/xfrin, even though it is not purely xfrin anymore. Should we move it to datasrc? or util?
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