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      [3436] Added position info to top level parser creation in D2 · e10603ef
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added element position argument to DCfgMgrBase::createConfigParser(),
      so derivations have access to print position info unsupported top level
      element errors.
      Removed two log messages DCT_ORDER_ERROR and DCT_ORDER_NO_ELEMENT. These
      conditions are well explained in exceptions thrown and these logs just
      cluttered the log output.
      Removed extra text from DCTL_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL and DCTL_PARSER_FAIL log
      messages. The log ID is self-explanatory and the underlying exceptions
      provide ample explanation of the error.  Makes the log output much easier
      to understand.
      Revised items-not-in-parse-order detection in DCfgMgrBase::parseConfig().
      Rather than complicated counting logic, objects are removed from the list
      as they are parsed.  Any left over were not in the parsing-order.
      Removed try-catch-throw from DCfgMgrBase::buildAndCommit. This method
      already throws its own exception. Catching, logging, and re-throwing
      exceptions from underneath it really just server to clutter the log.
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      [3407] valgrind complained on a unit test · 7abc8bff
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      scheduled write timer was not getting cancelled
      before IOService is destroyed.
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3407] Integrated IOSignaling into CPL · 73f57b83
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      DController was extended to instantiate an IOSignalQueue and register for
      signals with a SignalSet.  The default implementation for signal processing
      supports SIGHUP as config file reload, and SIGINT/SIGTERM for graceful
      shutdown.  D2Controller inherits this support without change.
      A good deal of work went into the unit test classes as well, particularly
  17. 16 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      [3407] Added IOSignal class to send signals to IOService · 231f440a
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Created d2::IOSignal and d2::IOSignalQueue for propagating
      caught OS signals to IOService instances.
      Added TimedSignal test class.
      New files:
  18. 09 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      [3401] Addressed reveiw comments · 2c0ab179
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Static handlers were removed from DControllerBase.
      Developer's guide has been updated to with --with-kea-config
      discussion and updated diagrams.
      Other minor corrections.
      (Note ingore diffs in the diagram .svg files, they aren't particularly
      meaningful to the human eye).
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      3401 - D2 now supports with-kea-config switch · 1c4d345d
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      The configuration switch --with-kea-config, now selects between
      two versions of D2Controller:
      1. One which must run as a BUNDY module and is implemented in
      All of the BIND10 support was extracted from DControllerBase and moved
      into this version of D2Controller.
      This controller is tested in tests/bundy_d2_controller_unittests.cc
      2. One that runs as a stand alone executable which must be supplied
      with a configuration file via the command line and is implemented in
      This version of D2Controller is nearly identical the the original.
      DControllerBase supports configuration from file.
      This controller is tested in tests/d2_controller_unittests.cc
      DControllerBase now inherits from Daemon which keeps it in step with
      K4 and K6.
      The stand-alone mode flag has been removed from all controllers.
  20. 07 May, 2014 1 commit
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3268] Treat top-level scalars as a group of globals parameters · baa06740
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Restructured DCfgMgrBase to group the top level elements in a configuration
      into scalars (strings, bools, ints, etc...) and objects (maps, lists, etc),
      and parse the scalars first, then objects.  This permits the top level
      scalars to be treated as a group of global parameters that are parsed first.
      Ordered parsing is now relegated to only object elements. Scalars are parsed
      first before any objects.
      Also added the ability to reset config manager's context and rather than
      than starting configuration parsing with a copy of the current context, it
      starts with an empty context.
      Modified unit tests accordingly.
  21. 08 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3087] Use IOServicePtr consistently in DHCP-DDNS · 4d07784b
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Some classes were using references to isc::asiolink::IOService, others
      where using d2::IOServicePtr.  The latter is now used throughout for
      consistency as well as support for future, possible, multi-threaded
  22. 16 Aug, 2013 1 commit
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3075] Implemented main event loop in b10-dhcp-ddns · c39eb9bb
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added main process event loop to D2Process which is the
      primary application "object" in b10-dchp-ddns.
      Along the way it was necessary to adjust D2QueueManager to treat
      stopping as an asyncrhonous event when IO is pending. This
      requied a change in lib-dchp-ddns to have awareness of when
      IO is pending.
      Fixed a bug in D2 configuration parsing in which parsing a
      a subsequent configuration caused duplicate TSIGKeyInfo
  23. 17 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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      [3008] Initial implementation of classes for sending and · f683ad20
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      receiving NameChangeRequests for use with DHCP-DDNS. This includes
      abstract listener and sender classes, as well as a derivations
      supporting traffic over UDP sockets.
      New files added to src/bin/d2
      ncr_io.h - base classes
      ncr_udp.h - UDP derivations
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    • Marcin Siodelski's avatar
      [2977] Disable logger initialization in the D2 controller when unit testing · 7076a02b
      Marcin Siodelski authored
      When logger initialization was disabled for a unit test, a few NULL pointer
      assertions came up. This was because, some module commands were executed
      without arguments (NULL pointer objects). NULL pointers were not checked
      before logging arguments. This led to assertions. NULL pointers are now
      checked and "(no arg)" string is logged if present.
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    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [2957] Interrim check-in. This adds configuration management to · dac0b87d
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      D2. It introduces DCfgMgrBase, abstract class for processing updates
      to configuration, DCfgContext for storing configuration; and D2
      specific initial derivations of each, D2CfgMgr and D2CfgContext.
      These are skeletal derivations that will be expanded to handle
      DHCP-DDNS specific configuration. New files added:
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      [2956] Interrim checkin to allow merge with 2955. Note a subsequent commit · fd911f47
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      will be required to make d2 build.
      Modified files:
      New files: