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      [5247] Addressed review comments · a7941a73
      Thomas Markwalder authored
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      [5247] Corrected issues with assigned-<lease/nas/pd> stats · fe3766ae
      Thomas Markwalder authored
          Added entries for reclaimed-leases
          AllocEngine::reuseExpiredLease(Lease6Ptr&...) - increment
          assigned-<nas/pds> for real allocations
          AllocEngine::extendLease6() - increment assigned-<nas/pds>
          for real allocations if the lease expired
          AllocEngine::renewLease4(const Lease4Ptr&...)
          - set lease state to STATE_DEFAULT for real allocations
          - increment assigned-leases if lease is expired or reclaimed
            for real allocations
          - increment assigned-leases for real allocations
          CfgSubnets4::removeStatistics() - added "reclaimed-leases"
          CfgSubnets4::removeStatistics() - added "reclaimed-leases"
          - added handling of "reclaimed-leases"
          - fixed name of "reclaimed-declined-addresses"
          TEST_F(AllocEngine4Test, simpleRenew4)  - new test to verify stats
          on a normal renew, non-expired
          Added EXPECT_TRUE around calls to testStatistics for invocation line numbers
          Added stat checks to several tests
          Added EXPECT_TRUE around calls to testStatistics for invocation line numbers
          Added stat checks to several tests
          Added checks of assigned stats
          AllocEngine6Test::initSubnet() - removed artificial stat values
          NakedAllocEngine::addHost() - new method to add a host to the
          current configuration, rather than use staging/commit as the latter
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      [5033] - kea-dhcp6 now uses new D2ClientConfigParser · 9b20235e
      Thomas Markwalder authored
              - added clause to invoke new D2ClientConfigParser to
              set staging config
              - added clause to apply staged D2ClientConfig (formerly done
              by parser commit
              aded PARSER_DHCP_DDNS context
              defined SimpleParser6::D2_CLIENT_CONFIG_DEFAULTS
              SimpleParser6::setAllDefaults() - now sets defaults
              for D2ClientConfig
              Updated replace-name-mode values and tests
              (true/false no longer supported)
              Updated, replace-client-name no longer accepts booleans
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      Cassandra Host Data Source stress test · 6efa71b9
      Andrei Pavel authored
      It is part of the generic_host_data_source_unittest.cc, able to be
      implemented for other HDS as well. It executes INSERT statements and
      a certain SELECT statement which Cassandra struggles in performance
      with since it has to do two queries instead of a join. All statement
      executions are timed and repeated on an increasingly number of hosts.
      It is placed last and DISABLED_ as you don't want to run this during
      a usual make check.
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      Cassandra update · 8c71bbbc
      Andrei Pavel authored
      Replaced unrecommended backticks with $() in cql_version() in bash scripts.
      *_execute() and *_execute_script() functions from src/bin/admin/admin-utils.sh now pass the parameters to the underlying backend binary whenever they are given rather than when there are 2 or more.
      Corrected cql_version() return error in src/bin/admin/admin-utils.sh.
      Removed redundant "USE" from cql_init() in src/bin/admin/kea-admin.in.
      Inserted a newline in src/bin/admin/tests/Makefile.am to separate unrelated targets.
      Style changes in cql_*_test() functions in src/bin/admin/tests/cql_tests.sh.in.
          "perfromance" typo
          Added comment headers
          Added index on expire since it is used in WHERE clauses (further performance testing may be required)
          Removed dhcp4_options and dhcp6_options table since they are not required for Cassandra
      Added DROP INDEX in src/share/database/scripts/cql/dhcpdb_drop.cql.
      Added sql_common.h
      Added cql_exchange.h and cql_exchange.cc which mediate communication with Cassandra.
      Added cql_lease_mgr.h and cql_lease_mgr.cc
      Parameterized reconnect-wait-time, connect-timeout, request-timeout, tcp-keepalive, tcp-nodelay for Cassandra in kea.conf. Changes are in src/lib/dhcpsrv/cql_connection.cc and src/lib/dhcpsrv/parsers/dbaccess_parser.cc.
      Reformated x != NULL into !x as specified in the Kea style guidelines
          Added range check for port
          Added CqlConnection:setConsistency
          Added CqlConnection::startTransaction  which is a noop
          Added CqlTransaction method implementations.
          Corrected ending brace of namespace declaration, it doesn't need semicolon.
          Added explicit on CqlConnection constructor. Unlikely that this class will ever be derived, but it's good practice.
          Changed some comments.
          Added CqlTransaction class definition.
          Formatted the entire code.
          Changed data types to cass_ types.
      Added some log messages.
      Moved structs, enums and typedefs from src/lib/dhcpsrv/lease_mgr.h to src/lib/dhcpsrv/sql_common.h
      Added some missing tests in src/lib/dhcpsrv/tests/cql_lease_mgr_unittest.cc
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