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......@@ -240,12 +240,4 @@ Outstanding, select a small number of them and move them to whatever the current
that in mind if you plan to submit a patch and forget about it. We may accept it eventually, but
it's much, much faster process if you participate in it.
## Extra steps
If you are interested in knowing the results of more in-depth testing, you are welcome to visit the
ISC Jenkins page: This is a live result page with all tests being run on
various systems. Besides basic unit-tests, we also have reports from valgrind (memory debugger),
cppcheck and clang-analyzer (static code analyzers), Lettuce system tests and more. Although it is
not possible for non ISC employees to run tests on that farm, it is possible that your contributed
patch will end up there sooner or later. We also have ISC Forge tests running, but currently the
test results are not publicly available.
#### Thank you for contributing your time and experience to the Kea project!
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