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......@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ expected to run on many other architectures. You may take a look at [system spec
notes]( For a complete list of systems we build on, you may
take a look at the [Jenkins build farm](
### Coding guidelines
Does your patch conform to [Kea coding
guidelines]( You can submit a
patch that does not adhere to them, but that will reduce its chances of being accepted. If the
......@@ -49,6 +51,39 @@ deviations are minor, one of the Kea engineers who does the review will likely f
However, if there are lots of issues, the reviewer may simply reject the patch and ask you to fix it
before re-submitting.
Placed in the root of the repository are files that formally describe the coding
guidelines above as close as possible. They are `.clang-format` and
`.uncrustify.cfg` used by `clang-format` and `uncrustify` respectively. If you
want to format code automatically, you will need to have at least one of these
tools installed. Since by default, these tools look for the closest style file
located in one of the parent directories or, otherwise, in a default location,
there are a a couple of helpful scripts i.e. `./tools/` and
`./tools/` to assure you that the Kea-owned file is used. They
accept any number of customized parameters that would be passed to the
underlying tool followed by any number of files and/or directories. Passing
directories will have all non-generated C++ files under it formatted.
IDEs often offer support for code formatting tools. For example, in Visual
Studio Code, you may install `Clang-Format` and `crustless` through the Command
Palette (`Ctrl + Shift + P` by default), `Extensions: Install Extensions`.
Then open a source file, select code that you want formatted, open the Command
Palette, and choose `Format Selection`. You might go through an onboarding step
where you choose the formatter in the case you have both installed, but that
should be it.
When using these tools, it can be tempting to format entire files at once. In
the interest of preserving git history as much as possible, it is recommended
that you only format code that you have added or changed. This is much easier
done in an IDE, but as long as the tool supports it, it can be done using the
provided scripts e.g.:
./tools/ --lines=13:37 ./src/lib/dhcpsrv/
Uncrustify does not seem to have a line-range-limiting option at the time of
this writing.
## Running unit-tests
One of the ground rules in Kea development is that every piece of code has to be tested. We now have
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