Commit 60c632ab authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Workaround MSVC warning C4477

Due to a way the stdatomic.h shim is implemented on Windows, the MSVC
always things that the outside type is the largest - atomic_(u)int_fast64_t.
This can lead to false positives as this one:

  lib\dns\adb.c(3678): warning C4477: 'fprintf' : format string '%u' requires an argument of type 'unsigned int', but variadic argument 2 has type 'unsigned __int64'

We workaround the issue by loading the value in a scoped local variable
with correct type first.
parent 063e0549
......@@ -3675,8 +3675,9 @@ dump_entry(FILE *f, dns_adb_t *adb, dns_adbentry_t *entry, bool debug,
if (adb != NULL && adb->quota != 0 && adb->atr_freq != 0) {
uint_fast32_t quota = atomic_load_relaxed(&entry->quota);
fprintf(f, " [atr %0.2f] [quota %" PRIuFAST32 "]", entry->atr,
fprintf(f, "\n");
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