Commit 80dc34d0 authored by Tony Finch's avatar Tony Finch Committed by Ondřej Surý
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Fix dns_client_addtrustedkey(dns_rdatatype_dnskey)

Use a buffer that is big enough for DNSKEY records as well as DS
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......@@ -1519,7 +1519,7 @@ dns_client_addtrustedkey(dns_client_t *client, dns_rdataclass_t rdclass,
dns_view_t *view = NULL;
dns_keytable_t *secroots = NULL;
dns_name_t *name = NULL;
char dsbuf[DNS_DS_BUFFERSIZE];
char rdatabuf[4096];
unsigned char digest[ISC_MAX_MD_SIZE];
dns_rdata_ds_t ds;
dns_decompress_t dctx;
......@@ -1543,7 +1543,7 @@ dns_client_addtrustedkey(dns_client_t *client, dns_rdataclass_t rdclass,
goto cleanup;
isc_buffer_init(&b, dsbuf, sizeof(dsbuf));
isc_buffer_init(&b, rdatabuf, sizeof(rdatabuf));
dns_decompress_init(&dctx, -1, DNS_DECOMPRESS_NONE);
isc_buffer_setactive(databuf, isc_buffer_usedlength(databuf));
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