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    [master] Pre-release tag prep for 4.4.2: version #, copyright etc... · 109fa1d0
    Thomas Markwalder authored
     Changes to be committed:
    	modified:   LICENSE
    	modified:   README
    	modified:   RELNOTES
    	modified:   client/dhclient.c
    	modified:   common/discover.c
    	modified:   configure
    	modified:   configure.ac
    	modified:   configure.ac+lt
    	modified:   configure.ac-base
    	modified:   configure.ac-lt
    	modified:   relay/dhcrelay.c
    	modified:   relay/tests/relay_unittests.c
    	modified:   server/dhcpd.c
    	modified:   server/failover.c
    	modified:   util/bind.sh