Commit 0e207392 authored by Matthijs Mekking's avatar Matthijs Mekking 🏡

Fix Ed25519 and Ed448 in dnssec-policy keymgr

The kasp code had bad implicit size values for the cryptographic
algorithms Ed25519 and Ed448. When creating keys they would never
match the dnssec-policy, leading to new attempts to create keys.

These algorithms were previously not yet added to the system tests,
due to lack of availability on some systems.
parent 7be18357
......@@ -414,10 +414,10 @@ dns_kasp_key_size(dns_kasp_key_t *key) {
size = 384;
case DNS_KEYALG_ED25519:
size = 32;
size = 256;
case DNS_KEYALG_ED448:
size = 57;
size = 456;
/* unsupported */
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