Commit e5b9d093 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Add support for building in COPR

parent c3df04cd
# If the build is running on copr
%if 0%{?copr_username:1}
# define your copr_username and copr_projectname
%global scl %{copr_username}-%{copr_projectname}
# For other build systems, define the provider and the name of the SCL, e.g. isc-bind911
%global scl_name_prefix isc-
%global scl_name_base bind
%global scl_name_version 911
%global scl %{scl_name_prefix}%{scl_name_base}%{scl_name_version}
# Optional but recommended: define nfsmountable
%global nfsmountable 1
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