Commit c3df04cd authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Initial commit

%global scl_name_prefix isc-
%global scl_name_base bind
%global scl_name_version 911
%global scl %{scl_name_prefix}%{scl_name_base}%{scl_name_version}
# Optional but recommended: define nfsmountable
%global nfsmountable 1
%scl_package %scl
%global _scl_prefix /opt/isc
Summary: Package that installs %scl
Name: %scl_name
Version: 1
Release: 1%{?dist}
License: MPL
Requires: %{scl_prefix}less
BuildRequires: scl-utils-build
This is the main package for %scl Software Collection.
%package runtime
Summary: Package that handles %scl Software Collection.
Requires: scl-utils
%description runtime
Package shipping essential scripts to work with %scl Software Collection.
%package build
Summary: Package shipping basic build configuration
Requires: scl-utils-build
%description build
Package shipping essential configuration macros to build %scl Software Collection.
%setup -c -T
cat >> %{buildroot}%{_scl_scripts}/enable << EOF
export PATH="%{_bindir}:%{_sbindir}\${PATH:+:\${PATH}}"
export MANPATH="%{_mandir}:\${MANPATH:-}"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="%{_libdir}/pkgconfig\${PKG_CONFIG_PATH:+:\${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}}"
export PYTHONPATH="%{_scl_root}%{python_sitearch}:%{_scl_root}%{python_sitelib}\${PYTHONPATH:+:}\${PYTHONPATH:-}"
# Install the generated man page
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man7/
install -p -m 644 %{scl_name}.7 %{buildroot}%{_mandir}/man7/
%files runtime -f filelist
%files build
%files scldevel
* Mon 03 Dec 2018 Ondřej Surý &lt;; 1-1
- Initial package
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