Commit 4a4c6497 authored by Mark Andrews's avatar Mark Andrews
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only print test name if this response was for a test

parent 2d302b6b
......@@ -1166,17 +1166,23 @@ process(struct workitem *item, unsigned char *buf, int n) {
rcode += (ednsttl & 0xff000000) >> 20;
if (debug)
if (debug) {
const char *testname;
if (item->summary->type == 0)
testname = opts[item->test].name;
testname = "";
printf("id=%-5u %-9s opcode=%u rcode=%u aa=%u tc=%u rd=%u "
"ra=%u z=%u ad=%u cd=%u qrcount=%u ancount=%u "
"aucount=%u adcount=%u\n"
"\tseensoa=%u seenrrsig=%u seenopt=%u "
"seennsid=%u seenecs=%u seenexpire=%u seencookie=%u\n",
id, opts[item->test].name, opcode, rcode,
id, testname, opcode, rcode,
aa, tc, rd, ra, z, ad, cd,
qrcount, ancount, aucount, adcount,
seensoa, seenrrsig, seenopt,
seennsid, seenecs, seenexpire, seencookie);
if (item->summary->type)
goto done;
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