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FIXME: Write at least a basic README file on usage, so at least this for now:
DNS Compliance Testing
usage: genreport [-46abBcdeEfLopstT] [-i test] [-m maxoutstanding] [-r server]
-4: IPv4 servers only
-6: IPv6 servers only
-a: only emit all ok
-b: only emit bad servers
-B: only emit bad tests
-c: add common queries
-d: enable debugging
-e: edns test
-E: EDNS only
-f: add full mode tests (incl edns)
-i: individual test
-I: remove individual test
-L: list tests and their grouping
-m: set maxoutstanding
-o: inorder output
-p: parallelize tests
-r: use specified recursive server
-s: serialize tests
-t: type tests (serial)
-T: print type list for type test (-t)
Provide tools to allow Registries and Registrars (amongst others) to
check the DNS protocol compliance of the servers they are delegating
zones to.
The first tool is 'genreport' which, by default, tests the EDNS compliance
of the delegated servers. genreport can also be configured to test which
query types are also handled and other DNS protocol compliance issues.
Testing of servers is needed because every time some extension has
been used in the DNS, recursive server operators have discovered
non-compliant authoritative servers, which have to be worked around
to be able to return answers to the initiating client.
genreport tests both extension that are currently in use and the
handling of potential future extensions.
genreport is designed to be fast without overloading the delegated
servers. e.g. it takes ~14 minutes to test every delegated server
from the .GOV zone.
genreport requires that libresolve / libbind be available (or be built
into the C library).
The man page for genreport provides a number of examples of how it can
be used.
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