Commit 63f0da15 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Add files required by autotools

parent 290d5c6e
Mark Andrews
FIXME: Write at least a basic README file on usage, so at least this for now:
usage: genreport [-46abBcdeEfLopstT] [-i test] [-m maxoutstanding] [-r server]
-4: IPv4 servers only
-6: IPv6 servers only
-a: only emit all ok
-b: only emit bad servers
-B: only emit bad tests
-c: add common queries
-d: enable debugging
-e: edns test
-E: EDNS only
-f: add full mode tests (incl edns)
-i: individual test
-I: remove individual test
-L: list tests and their grouping
-m: set maxoutstanding
-o: inorder output
-p: parallelize tests
-r: use specified recursive server
-s: serialize tests
-t: type tests (serial)
-T: print type list for type test (-t)
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